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Ready to make your dream job come true?

Career UPGRADE for all

Are you ready to take action to succeed? 

Ready to invest some time and money in your career? 

If you already have a job or are desperately jobhunting – it doesn’t really matter! As long as you are not in your Dreamjob right now …

I can help you get there!

Yes – even if you don’t speak Danish or perfect English

Yes – even if you have gaps in your CV

Yes – even if you feel you tried everything

I’m your girl!

Let’s make your Dreamjob come true

without compromising your true passion, values, or professional purpose


After a pre-session talk where we plan our session in detail, we meet online for our 1st 90min. Session. Most of the times 2 sessions is enough to reach our goal. We will work together in a shared document in our Zoom meetings, and I will share both examples, scripts, guides, and notes along the way. My session includes all from Danish’ Up your CV, create applications that get you interviews, LinkedIn upgrade, networking strategies, promotions, and career upgrades