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But why?

Career Coaching

Allow me to turn the question around and ask…  “Why not ?”

  • The average person spends ⅓ of their whole life working  -you need to love what you do to be real happy!

  • Professional help is not that expensive as you get your investment returned already at first new paycheck.

Selling yourself is hard (even for Salespeople!) so why not skip the line with some insider knowledge from a Dane that has hired for more than 12 years?


Let me help if

I help companies and organizations too with recruiting, talent development, spouses services, induction to danish work culture, building up a network, passion group courses, as well as a Keynote speaker, specializing in Careers in Denmark, jobhunting and networking. Email me if you have a specific request for this.


Let's get started!

How I can help you shine

Online Group Courses

From the comfort of your favorite sofa spot or home office, with a cup of “hygge” and a notepad ready, I will guide you through every step of the way to success. With short, actionable, and easy-to-understand-and-implement you can upgrade your career in your own time and on your own terms.
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1-1 Coaching

Work with me in a tailor-made career session just for you. I will provide you with insider hacks and access to my professional network, you will leave with the hands-on product you need to succeed.
Fx. Upgraded CV, Job hunting strategy, perfect cover letter, LinkedIn makeover, next step strategy.

Here's how it works!


Decide which one of my services you want: Pre career session (free), 1-1 Coaching or one of my online courses


Click on the booking link under your chosen service, and follow the guide to payment.


You will receive an email with confirmation and your access to your product or my calendar.

I will do it tomorrow on Monday on the 1st soon

What people say

Eszter Szabo
Eszter SzaboHungary
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Nischa's career advice session has been an amazing experience for me. She helped me to rethink my job searching strategy from the Cover letters and phone calls to personality tests and SoMe activities. I am truly grateful for her help and energetic personality! Her well-organized, structured, yet flexible and interactive coaching style really helped me to focus and have fun at the same time! And Yes I got my dream job!
Anu Thakur
Anu ThakurIndia
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Nischa is an excellent coach, full of enthusiasm. She is able to tailor her advice specific to your need and situation ensuring you reach your goals effectively. I highly recommend Nischa’s methods and approach to job searching and business relationships and I believe they can extend the Danish (cultural) borders.
Zerina Konic
Zerina KonicBosnia
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Nischa is a true energy bomb - she can lift your spirits & get you into action mode. She's very talented. A good motivator.
Nóra Mező
Nóra MezőHungary
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I had my very first (Career) Coaching experience with Nischa and I honestly really enjoyed it. The session had just smoothy flew by due to her friendly and warmly welcoming personality and I got the perfect impression of her being an expert in her field with a lot of valuable knowledge and skills. She really focused on my potential professional development and we completely turned my LinkedIn profile inside out. She knew exactly what she was talking about and she pinpointed very well the important things one should focus on in order to take the professional platform to the next level. I realized the importance of many things I have never thought about before. I am really grateful and I am looking forward to work with her in the future.
Cecilia Fernandez
Cecilia FernandezMexico
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Nischa has been one of the best persons I have had the opportunity to meet and work with. She is a motivational, forward-thinking coach with lots of knowledge in her field. Broadminded Coach - her exceptional work flow, skills, ingenuity and knowledge of change requests made my vision become a reality. I have also seen how Nischa assumes a leadership role in Career Club DK, inspiring and motivating women, always showing a very positive attitude towards work. I could always depend on her to set the best example as Coach at Career Catwalk. I've constantly felt Nischa was one of the best persons I've ever had the privilege of working with.
Silvia Pirola
Silvia PirolaItaly
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Nischa is the type of person you want to have around. She emanates positive energy and self confidence and you feel you want and have much to learn from her. And it is actually true! She is extremely professional, knowledged and she provides perfect and targeted advice, sharing her wisdom If I have to think about a proactive and motivated person, that would be her!



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I'm Nischa

I get internationals in Denmark hired for their dreamjobs.

As a native Dane with 12+ years of hiring manager experience with a deep knowledge of expat-careers, I have helped more than 1200 professionals from 79 different countries upgrade their careers and get their Dreamjob, as a Career Coach.

In my own career, I have been hired, fired, promoted, rejected, headhunted, changeing career, and feeling all new to a culture of the company…. So I get you! 

My experience from the other side of the table is what will help you stand out and succeed! I am your wingwoman from the start to the end!

If you feel ready to take action and invest in your career, let’s have a talk.


🏆  Nominated to Career Mentor of the year 

💼  Young Business leader of the year

🙋🏼  Founder & Host of Career Advice Denmark group



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