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I'm Nischa

A certified career coach, Dane and former hiring manager for 12 years. My expertise is helping people  upgrade their career and make their dream job come true

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My story

“The most international Dane in Denmark” is what people have said about me time and time again. I am passionate, empathic and inappropriately befriending as well as a firework of enthusiasm and personal approach towards people. 

A girl from Venezuela once told me:

“When I came to Denmark I was afraid I was going to be too much for them … but then I met you Nischa!”

…….Besides my happy marriage to my career, I am also married with my best friend and husband since all the way back to my happy highschool days (insane right?). As years went by, we decided to skip the gift of parenthood, and dedicated our lifes to eachother and our passion of careers. When he sometimes foooorce me away from my work-lovelife to recharge me and us, we do so with our two spoiled “dog brats” in the forest, beach or at a get away to our summerhouse on Bornholm. 

When he play X-box or get enough of my bad jokes and horrible cooking, I hang out with my girls since kindergarten and highschool or my close international friends from all over the world.